1. Föreläsningsserie som tar upp ämnet kring våld mot kvinnor.


  2. Cyberspace eyes.

    I hope you get it, it’s an easy message.


  3. Affisch för Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2014. Pepp!

    Poster design for the Swedish Short Film Festival 2014.




  5. Pattern for  toy stores with season theme.
    Beckmans 2014.




  8. When I posted my latest work I noticed the how very little you see when it comes to details and since that’s too bad I also post these here! 
    These are the uncropped, non polaroid versions for my campaign.

    I took the photos around my neighborhood. And SORRY about the lost chain on the tandem? It should be there, but it’s not! I have to fix it. But it was there for the polaroids. Yay!


  9. Uppgift 4. Kommunikation

    Gör en kampanj i valfri kommunikationskanal som får människor att cykla mer. Avsändare Cykelfrämjandet. 

    In English

    One out of six assignments of the admission test for Beckmans 2013.

    This was a communication task where you had to create a campaign for Cykelfrämjandet. You’re allowed to use any communication medium you like and the purpose of it all is to get people to bicycle more.


  10. I decided to call this typeface Paper Cut because of all the paper cuts I got while working on this project.

    Ok. So here I’ve cut out paper stripes and formed them into letters, cutting here and there to let light in and playing with the shadows.
    I arranged the light, took a photo and then continued the work in Photoshop. I really wanted to get the shadows right, they’re all horizontal at the bottom, and I really wanted the contrast to show! I make it sound a lot less complicated than it really was, but I guess that’s just the way it usually is. 

    This was way fun, but I did hate it sometimes when I couldn’t get the letters right or if I cut too much off and had to start over again. THAT was frustrating. It doesn’t sound like a big deal to rage about, but since each letter took me over 3 hours to work with I think you could understand. 

    So here it is, my Paper Cut.



  11. One-hour t-shirt design! Challenge accepted. 


  12. Lykke Li pop art.

    I hate to sleep, and this is what I do instead. 

    I really just love her. A lot. 


  13. This poster was inspired by the movie Pay It Forward. My idea is to get some printed and put them all over Stockholm, and also change the QR-code to a tumblr dedicated only for good deeds, charity etc. Right now it links to my own art blog (this one), but it’s only for show until I can come up with some clever name. Along side with this is another project which I will begin with later this year. It has something to do with winter so that’s why and it’s basically spring now so I don’t really feel that I’m in a rush.


  14. I have no specific name for this project, except that I call it Dancing On My Own when I refer to it in my mind (I do that).

    It’s about being independent really. Of how ones own world can be ones company, especially as a child. Sometimes all you have is your imagination and it can lead you to wonders no one else can experience. I chose to illustrate this with my transparent monsters and a tree that I once used to play in before they cut it down. 

    The photos I used are some I took right outside my building.

    Also, I think of this quote from Dumbledore; Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?

    1. Tree Whisperer

    2. Hide and Seek

    3. In White Light


  15. Lana Del Rey

    When you can’t sleep you might as well stay awake and draw something. I ended up with Lana Del Rey who I’ve been listening to constantly for the past 24 hours. So now I have a floating Lana-head and I didn’t know what to do with her so I placed her in the outer-space where she can keep floating with the stars. 

    I made a GIF of the process, but it doesn’t work and it sucks because I did spend some time doing it. 

    The GIF now works! Mine was too big, I now know it has to be 1 MB or under and 500x500 pixels. Thank you whoever you are that gave me that information. It was very helpful. :)